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Camping Accommodation: Bungalow Vs. Caravan

0 Comments 22 October 2013

If you’re looking to spend some time camping next holiday season, you should give some thought to possible camping accommodation; will you want to stay in chalet or bungalow, or keep it simpler and book a caravan instead?  We’ve compiled a brief list of the selling points of both types of camping accommodation to help you make your choice easier:

  • Chalet/Bungalow – The advantages of a chalet or bungalow when it comes to camping accommodation are that they typically offer significantly more space, they often offer more luxuries (try fitting a Jacuzzi into a caravan), and your access to utilities such as power and running water is likely to be more reliable (source:
  • Caravan – Caravans offer a different set of benefits when it comes to camping accommodation.  The biggest of these is price.  Renting a caravan for a camping holiday will often cost significantly less than a chalet or bungalow.  Another big advantage is mobility; you can hitch your caravan to a truck and visit several different locations, instead of just one.

So the next time you are researching possible holiday destinations, keep these tips in mind.  Hopefully they will help you to book the correct camping accommodation for your circumstance, and ensure that you have a wonderful time on your holiday.

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