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To the campers, the campfire is an indispensable and beloved outdoor tradition—a luminous, kinetic, dreamlike force of nature that has for generations served as the centrepiece of backwoods gatherings.

Campfires are regarded as a cherished institution among campers to drive-in campgrounds. Campfires are fun at camp grounds as well they emerge out to be a life saviour in cases of criticality. However, there are restrictions on putting up Campfires depending upon the localities. So let us see in the following paragraphs some tips for putting up campfires.

Kamperen in de Ardennen

We should be careful enough to check with Camp operators for putting up fires at developed sites because during seasons of severe dry periods, camp fires in such areas are not allowed.

We should not be carrying firewood with us even if we are travelling up to 100 kilometres for the purpose of camping. The reason for this being the firewood carried by us might introduce some insects in the new environment which can become invasive pests. Use local firewood as these are readily available around camping areas and there is no harm in using such.

If you have run short of woods, collect only downed wood, take care not to break off branches from a standing tree be it even dead trees because wildlife and birds make use of dead branches and you would certainly not like to interfere into lifestyle.

It is your responsibility to maintain the fire and properly extinguish it, don’t be careless in this extinguishing and maintaining fire properly as it can turn out to be a blunder and may cause forest fire. Expert advice is to create fires in prospective grills, rings, or fireplaces as these are designated places for camp fires by the authorities.

Remember, Campfires are fun and thrilling but safety should be your foremost concern; be safe and protect wildlife.

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