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Heave Compensated Gangway- The most effective offshore access

0 Comments 31 October 2013

Offshore access industry is said to be one of the most attractive industries these days where the goods and personnel are transferred from one point to another on the sea. They function like a taxi where they help people reach their destination. The required equipments help them provide this service and a considerable amount of increase in the need of this has been seen. Several ways are used to carry on this activity like helicopter, wildcat workboat etc. but Heave Compensated Gangway is the most common and efficient of all the other forms.

Elements of Heave Compensated Gangway

The Heave Compensated Gangway is latest of all the inventions in this industry and is the most effective of all of them. It consists of three main elements in which the first one uses a technology similar to the one used in the simulators of the fight. It helps in adjusting the hydraulic legs, which can go up to six in number. These hydraulic legs help in asserting the wave height and adjusting it accordingly. The extendable gangway is also there which helps to connect the two platforms between which the goods and personnel are transferred.

Drawback of Heave Compensated Gangway

Despite being the most useful measure to transfer the personnel and goods from one boat to another, it is not very common when the boat is floating. This is because they do not share the larger vessels. However, the advancement in technology is believed to get over this problem very soon and it will soon be used for the moving boats as well. Laser is used by the fan beam sensors, which are used to position the vessels and are used to position the ships in alignment with the gangway. All the other technical problems can overcome so that the Heave Compensated Gangway can overpower all the other ways used to transfer the goods and people on sea.

The Heave Compensated Gangway is said to be the most efficient way to transfer the personnel on sea and is at the same time the safest of all other modes. It is also known as offshore access system, which can be used in any type of sea condition. The weather does not hamper the functioning of the gangway and offshore gangway industry expects it to be on top and take over the other methods very soon.

You can read more on this subject at Ampelmann: Offshore Personnel Transfer

Offshore Access Gangway

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Camping Accommodation – Chalet/Bungalow Versus Caravan

0 Comments 22 October 2013

If you’re looking to spend some time camping next holiday season, you should give some thought to possible camping accommodation; will you want to stay in chalet or bungalow, or keep it simpler and book a caravan instead?  We’ve compiled a brief list of the selling points of both types of camping accommodation to help you make your choice easier:

  • Chalet/Bungalow – The advantages of a chalet or bungalow when it comes to camping accommodation are that they typically offer significantly more space, they often offer more luxuries (try fitting a Jacuzzi into a caravan), and your access to utilities such as power and running water is likely to be more reliable (source:
  • Caravan – Caravans offer a different set of benefits when it comes to camping accommodation.  The biggest of these is price.  Renting a caravan for a camping holiday will often cost significantly less than a chalet or bungalow.  Another big advantage is mobility; you can hitch your caravan to a truck and visit several different locations, instead of just one.

So the next time you are researching possible holiday destinations, keep these tips in mind.  Hopefully they will help you to book the correct camping accommodation for your circumstance, and ensure that you have a wonderful time on your holiday.

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0 Comments 15 October 2013

To the campers, the campfire is an indispensable and beloved outdoor tradition—a luminous, kinetic, dreamlike force of nature that has for generations served as the centrepiece of backwoods gatherings.

Campfires are regarded as a cherished institution among campers to drive-in campgrounds. Campfires are fun at camp grounds as well they emerge out to be a life saviour in cases of criticality. However, there are restrictions on putting up Campfires depending upon the localities. So let us see in the following paragraphs some tips for putting up campfires.

Kamperen in de Ardennen

We should be careful enough to check with Camp operators for putting up fires at developed sites because during seasons of severe dry periods, camp fires in such areas are not allowed.

We should not be carrying firewood with us even if we are travelling up to 100 kilometres for the purpose of camping. The reason for this being the firewood carried by us might introduce some insects in the new environment which can become invasive pests. Use local firewood as these are readily available around camping areas and there is no harm in using such.

If you have run short of woods, collect only downed wood, take care not to break off branches from a standing tree be it even dead trees because wildlife and birds make use of dead branches and you would certainly not like to interfere into lifestyle.

It is your responsibility to maintain the fire and properly extinguish it, don’t be careless in this extinguishing and maintaining fire properly as it can turn out to be a blunder and may cause forest fire. Expert advice is to create fires in prospective grills, rings, or fireplaces as these are designated places for camp fires by the authorities.

Remember, Campfires are fun and thrilling but safety should be your foremost concern; be safe and protect wildlife.

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Camping Checklists

0 Comments 15 October 2013

Let’s think that you have got some days off and you want to go away to some far place and want to do something adventurous and get rid of your daily routine. So mate, it’s time to take matters in your own hands and yes you are right, pack up and set off for Camping and let the adrenaline rush to flow out. Check your local listings and choose a suitable location for Camping. However, the point is you have decided the place where you would go for camping and got stuffs that you would take along yourself for camping without taking into consideration the unpredictable situations that might appear before you. There seems to be something missing from your end; camping for sure is thrilling and spellbinding experience but it is better to be safe rather than being sorry. Let us watch for the checklist that you should consider before setting off for camping.

You got to take up a tent along with you, check out for tent’s size keeping in mind the number of persons coming along with you for camping. Sleeping bags are not a viable option because they have proven to be uncomfortable.

A big backpack is always important during camping and ensures that it is spacious enough to accommodate all your required belongings. Try to stuff required things into the backpack as your trendy locket would not be helpful for lightning fire.

Carry a waterproof jacket alongside as you cannot predict the mood of the nature. Jackets of this sort are light to carry and do not consume much space in your backpack.

Resistant boots are a must if you have picked mountainous area as your camping site. It helps you to climb the mountains without spraying your ankle or slipping in mud.

A GPS system is recommended gadget for camping as it make sure that you do not get swayed from your chosen path and does not get lost. A pocket knife and box of matches have been recommended by expert campers so make sure to carry the same (Source:

Try not to explore areas that are too far away from civilization as you might land yourself into trouble by doing so.

Have a safe camping, Cheers!



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